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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and the news definitely reflected that – there didn’t seem to be too much going on today. But, we’re glad to here that Hampden-Sydney College is getting its act together, and that college grads are finding hope in community college grad school programs. Not to mention, we’re totally impressed with Yale’s LGBT Alumni Association amazing video, Jack Taylor’s record-breaking basketball skills, and the list of 10 people you’ll run into tonight while you pre-game for turkey day, which is both hilarious and informative. Check out today’s college current events roundup!

  • Back To School: According to the National Post Secondary Student Aid Study, more and more college graduates are enrolling in community colleges for grad school to combat the bad economy and lack of jobs. Many of these students are grads who discovered that their major wasn’t going to pay off any time soon, and are looking to further their education to give them a leg up in the job hunt.
  • Glee in Reality: Yale’s LGBT Alumni Association is holding a gala for its Alumni Reunion in February, but that’s not why they’re making headlines. Their invitation for the event is a fabulous music video a la Glee that features the group’s members singing and dancing with backing vocals by the Duke’s Men of Yale. The talent is totally overflowing in this video and the choreography is great. Definitely a must see – check it out here.
  • Record Breaker: Grinnell Sophomore and basketball player Jack Taylor broke NCAA Division III records last night, scoring 138 points against Faith Baptist Bible College. Taylor said of his performance, “It felt like anything I tossed up was going in.” He is now the second player to reach triple figures since Frank Selvy in 1954. Talk about impressive!
  • Facing Consequences: When students at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia went a little election-crazy after Obama was re-elected, throwing bottles and yelling racial epithets, the school’s president, Chris Howard, was not too pleased with their behavior. While other schools have made the news for not reacting swiftly enough to issues of harassment, the school is making sure that students are punished. 5 of the students who participated are at risk for expulsion…
  • Pre-Thanksgiving: HuffPost College has your guide to the 10 people you’ll likely run into tonight at the bar, pre-gaming for Thanksgiving. If you’re hitting up your local bars tonight, you may want to give this a quick read. Be on the lookout for exes, classmates, former teachers, and “Your Ex Nothing-But-We-Always-Liked-Each-Other-Person” (personal favorite!) but the best part is, this guide comes with a how-to-deal section. Definitely necessary.

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