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Today’s news was certainly all over the place, with the tragedy of a missing student, an offensive article in a college newspaper, a roundup of some amazing college a cappella groups, and yes, of course, another list. There’s also the minor detail that tomorrow is Election Day and polls still show the candidates as tied for voter support. Check out today’s college current events roundup, and don’t forget to vote tomorrow!

  • Candidates Tied: A CNN national poll released yesterday shows that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are both tied with 49% of the vote.  According to CNN, this is the fourth non-partisan survey that shows that the candidates are tied or almost completely tied for the vote for president.
  • Objectionable Journalism: Ellie Clark, a Leeds University student, published an article on the 31st entitled, “The Week I Became a Lesbian” that has people everywhere upset. In the article, she wrote about her experience pretending to be a lesbian at a gay club, where she said she “really got into the role of it all, rubbing up against anyone who would have me.” She also said she “settled” for a girl to hook up with at the end of the night, and posted pictures of her so-called experiment. The comments section says it all.
  • Missing Student Found Dead: 25-year-old Ivone “Yosset” Martinez of Fort Hays University in Kansas went missing on the afternoon of the 31st. After days of searching, her body was found Saturday night. So far there is no indication of murder or foul play, but the case is still under investigation.
  • Amazing A Cappella: To liven up today’s news a little, here’s a list from Her Campus on USA Today College of truly awe-inspiring a cappella groups from different schools. Included: The USC SoCal VoCals, Berklee College of Music’s Pitch Slapped, the FSU AcaBelles, Brigham Young’s Vocal Point, and the Brown University Jabberwocks.
  • Most Beloved Schools: Princeton Review is back with another list (are you surprised?) and this time it’s the top 10 most beloved colleges. Number one on the list? Claremont McKenna College, followed by Rice University, Virginia Tech, Washington University in St. Louis, and Stanford, among others.

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Thanks for reading our current events picks, and don’t forget to vote tomorrow!

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