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In today’s news: high hopes for hard-working interns, a West Virginia Mountaineers mascot makes a major mistake, and the University of Virginia is in hot water for breaking the rules. Not to mention, we now know which schools are the most (and least) sexually healthy and informed, and some helpful travel hints just in time to head home for winter break (after you finish your finals, of course!) Check out today’s college current events roundup…

  • Intern Info: A new study has found that a majority of companies offer full time positions to interns. According to the study, “69% of companies with 100 or more employees offered full-time jobs to their interns” and more and more companies want to follow suit. Lesson to be learned from this: work hard as an intern and you may get a post-grad job quicker than you thought!
  • Musket Must-Nots: Jonathan Kimble, a student at West Virginia University (and the Mountaineer mascot) is on the hunt for forgiveness after a video of him shooting and killing a black bear wound up online. While he didn’t break the law, he did use his school-issued musket and caused a lot of controversy. The school asked him not to use the gun for hunting purposes again and Kimble has apologized for his actions.
  • Fair Warning: The University of Virginia is now on warning status as of today, after they broke the rules while trying (and failing) to oust the school’s president, Teresa Sullivan, from her position. Apparently their decision was made by only a minority (not the necessary majority) of the faculty members and their actions caused a lot of uproar on campus. The school is now on warning for the next 12 months, as ruled by The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools’ Commission on Colleges.
  • Let’s Talk About Sex Ed: Trojan (the condom brand) has released a list of the most and least sexually healthy colleges in the country. The most sexually healthy school in the country? Columbia University. The least? DePaul University.
  • Travel Alert!: You can see it now: the light at the end of the never-ending tunnel that is finals week – winter break! If you’re flying home and haven’t booked your flight yet (hey, procrastination doesn’t have to be just directed at studying) here is a best/worst list of airlines based on what kind of traveling you’ll be doing. Judging by all that dirty laundry, you’ll probably be drawn to the “traveling with bags” section. Thanks, Travel Freak!

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