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Today’s news, predictably, contains more lists. But aside from that, we’re really happy to see college students working hard to help in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, and a little confused by what’s going on at Patrick Henry College. Our favorite part of today’s news? Today is a day devoted entirely to maple syrup. Yum! Check out today’s college current events roundup for more info…

  • Santas for Sandy Hook: College students and Newtown High School alumni have come up with a way to raise money to help families affected by the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday. The students, who are all home from college, have set up tables outside of local business to collect, and have advertised their group, which they named Santas for Sandy Hook, online, via various social media sources like Twitter, tweeting #santasforsandyhook. So far, the group has raised about $10,000.
  • Bad Gaydar?: Since a Facebook group called “Queer at Patrick Henry College” surfaced online, the school’s chancellor and founder, Michal Farris, is not too happy. Farris made statements that alleged that there are no gay students at Patrick Henry, and that the group is “a hoax.” He says that they couldn’t have signed the school’s honor code as it requires them to remain “sexually pure.” He also threatened to sue. Hmm…
  • Maple Syrup Day: Did you know that today is National Maple Syrup Day? We think that’s a pretty good excuse to eat pancakes (or French toast) for dinner! But, if you’re home (and a safe distance away from the dining hall) and you feel like getting fancy, our friends at Healthy Way to Cook have exactly what you need. Here’s how to celebrate the holiday in the kitchen in style! Guaranteed more fun (and much healthier) then heading to IHOP.
  • Life-Changing Classes: USA Today College has a great roundup of college courses that will change your life – they go beyond prerequisites and gen-eds and will mean much more to you than just the number of credits they earn you. Some notable additions: art history, criminology, human anatomy, public speaking, and English composition. Check out the rest here!
  • Most Debt: Think you’ve got it bad when it comes to paying off your student loans (be it next month, or in the future)? If you don’t go to one of these schools, you may want to think again. US News and World Report compiled a list of the colleges with the highest student debt. Number one: Clark Atlanta University in Georgia. Also on the list? Johnson C. Smith University, Sacred Heart University, Wheelock College, Franklin Pierce, and more.

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