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We hope you had a very merry Christmas, but now we’re back to business – that means bringing you the news! So, for today’s college current events roundup we have new info about your sleep cycle, some interesting news for med school (maybe), a new college “major” in social media, the best schools for study abroad programs and the 10 worst things about college! Check it out…

  • Sleepy Genes: Do you stay up all night (not just when you’re writing papers!) or do you wake up automatically at the crack of dawn? As it turns out, your sleep schedule might be genetic. Researchers from the US and Canada have found what looks like proof that your natural alarm clock may be in determined by your DNA.
  • Med School Maybe: So you want to be a doctor, but you just spent 4 years in college and you’re not only broke, you’re tired of school. Maybe you’ll just take some time off instead. Or, maybe you’ll reconsider: what if you could finish med school in 3 years instead of 4, saving thousands of dollars and a year of your time? Looks like NYU is planning on doing just that…
  • Going Social: …Media, that is. With the way social media is shaping companies everywhere, does it surprise you to learn that colleges are taking it seriously? In fact, Newberry College in South Carolina will be offering a Social Media program starting in the fall of 2013. The “major” (it’s unofficial) includes psychology, statistics, business administration, communications and graphic design courses as well as 4 newly implemented classes on social media itself.
  • College Problems: HuffPost College has come up with their list of the 10 worst things about college and we can’t agree more. On the list: strange roommates, mini-fridges (seriously you can’t fit anything in them), being car-less, dusty dorm room floors (no matter how hard you try to clean), and, obviously, exams – the list goes on.
  • Studying Abroad?: You may want to abroad-en your horizons to these colleges with the most popular study abroad programs, according to the Princeton Review. Number one on the list: Elon University, followed by Goucher, Dartmouth, Kalamazoo College, Austin College, and more.

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