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Today’s news was all about bad roommates: an unhappy student poisoned her roommate with bleach, and another is suing her school because her roomie had sex in front of her frequently. Weird! To top it all off, we have two more lists – the best libraries and the most frat-friendly schools. Oh, and since finals are fast approaching, we’ve got tips courtesy of HackCollege. Check out today’s college current events roundup


  • Mean in Michigan: Kayla Ashlyn Bonkowski, a 19-year-old student at Central Michigan University, has been accused of poisoning her roommate. Bonkowski claimed that her roommate, 20-year-old Emily Joseph, was being “mean” and admitted to putting bleach in Joseph’s iced tea, knowing full well how dangerous it was. Joseph was sent to the hospital and survived, but is filing a complaint against Bonkowski.
  • Stonehill Sex Suit: Lindsay Blankmeyer, an ex-student of Stonehill College, a Roman Catholic college, is suing her school after they failed to arrange different living arrangements for her. Why was she so upset? Well, her roomie was a bit of an exhibitionist. Turns out, her roommate frequently had sex in the room in front of Blankmeyer, and despite numerous complaints, the school did nothing to help her. Yikes!
  • Best Libraries: Princeton Review has another list for us! They’ve released their roundup of the best college libraries. The list includes Harvard at number one, the US Military Academy in second, and Columbia in third. Also: Stanford, Emory University, Yale, Hampden-Syndey College, and more.
  • Frat-Friendly: U.S. News and World Report has posted their list of the colleges with the most students in fraternities. The school with the highest percentage? Welch College in Tennessee with 98% of its male students in frats. Other notables: Washington and Lee University, DePauw University, York College, and Dartmouth.
  • The Final Countdown: Just in time for exams, HackCollege has the guide to beating your finals! Some of the tips include ideas on how to effectively work in a group and alone, how to pace yourself, and a bonus tidbit: did you know Pepsi Max has the most caffeine for the price and zero calories? Hmm…could be useful!

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