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Today’s news was, admittedly, a little boring. The most exciting things to happen were a prank email at the U.S. Naval Academy and the news that the job search might be looking up for recent grads. We also learned that Penn State won’t be disciplining the Chi Omega sorority for it’s Mexican-themed party, and that Facebook has upgraded its events scheduling tool. Plus, we have the list of the most overrated colleges! Check out today’s college current events roundup…

  • Army vs. Navy: It seems that the U.S. Naval Academy was the victim of an email hacking recently! The email, which talked about the upcoming Army/Navy football game and detailed how badly Army was going to beat the Naval Academy, appears to be a prank from an Army fan. And all this after Navy’s goat, Bill, was stolen last week too. We just have to say it… Army: 2, Navy: 0.
  • Job Optimism: The U.S. Department of Labor has released a report that should give hope to college grads – unemployment for young people is declining, meaning it is getting easier for more grads to find jobs even in this tough economy.
  • No Discipline: Penn State’s Chi Omega sorority has been under fire this week for posting an offensive picture from a theme party they had recently. The party, which poked fun at Mexican stereotypes, has caused a lot of uproar everywhere, but, the school has decided not to discipline the sorority. The sorority has, however, apologized.
  • Most Overrated Colleges: U.S. News and World Report has released yet another list! This time it’s the most overrated (or underperforming) schools in the country. Number one on the list? Arizona State, followed by University of Arizona, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Virginia Commonwealth University, among others.
  • Facebook Events: Planning events on Facebook just got so much easier! Facebook now has unveiled a new feature where you can plan repeat events, perfect for planning repeat study group sessions or weekly club meetings.

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