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This week in college news was both good and bad. We saw the tragic death of a student at Hofstra University, as well as the possibility for student loan debt to be changed for the better. Not to mention, Yahoo’s trying to buy Tumblr? Sigh. It’s our job to inform you of the goings on at college (the news is the news, no matter how good, bad, or strange!) and keep you in the loop, so we rounded up the most interesting college news stories this week for you. Want to stay in the know? Then check out this week’s college current events roundup!

  • Enrollment Decreasing: With college costs constantly on the rise, is it really any surprise that college enrollment is dropping? The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center did a little investigating and discovered that college enrollment dropped 2.3 percent this spring. But, according to them, this is a good thing. We’re not sure we understand how, but okay.
  • Tragedy at Hostra: On Friday, a police officer was forced to make a tough decision when he was face to face with an armed intruder holding a Hostra student in a headlock. In an attempt to stop the gun-wielding intruder, the police officer fired and in the process, shot and killed both the intruder and captive student Andrea Rebello. It’s a tragedy that nobody could’ve foreseen and investigators are looking into the details.
  • Loans Looking Up: In a wonderful turn of events, New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand is attempting to pass a bill that would reduce student loan burdens by capping interest rates at 4%, saving billions of dollars for students across the board. Hey, can we just pass this bill now? Please?
  • Go Fitch: In the past few weeks, Abercrombie & Fitch has been raising quite the controversy after it’s CEO made statements about “plus-size” (in quotations because obviously his definition of plus-size is not the standard) people not being welcome in his stores. Well, millenials are fighting back (and shopping elsewhere.) A&F brand positivity has taken a nose-dive in recent weeks.
  • Tumblr Troubles: Tumblr-addicts are up in arms over the fact that Yahoo is looking to buy their beloved social networking site. So what will happen when Yahoo takes over Tumblr for 1.1 billion dollars? Tell us your thoughts below!

What do you think of our college current events roundup?

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