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Think that college news stops during the summer? Well think again. This week we have some of the best cities for recent grads, a heartwarming sports story, and the scoop on a school that may lose its fraternities. It’s our job to inform you of the goings on at college (the news is the news, no matter how good, bad, or strange!) and keep you in the loop, so we rounded up the most interesting college news stories this week for you. Want to stay in the know? Then check out this week’s college current events roundup!

  • Diamondbacks Draft: In a heart warming gesture during the 2013 MLB draft, the Diamondbacks took a chance. They used one of their draft picks to draft Arizona State’s Cory Hahn, a very promising prospect whose career was cut short in 2011 from a paralyzing spinal injury. The Diamondbacks hope to bring Hahn on as a full time employee with the team as a gesture to him and his family.
  • Goodbye Frat Life?: In an effort to cut down on sexual assault on campus, Amherst president Carolyn “Biddy” Martin may ban officially unsanctioned fraternities. Since fraternities at Amherst are off-campus and not technically affiliated with the University, there is concern that sexual assaults that might happen at the frat houses may not be reported in the same way on-campus misconduct might be. Nothing is set in stone yet, but eliminating ambiguity and tackling sexual assault is what the University has in mind for the future.
  • Best Cities for Recent Grads: According to a Social Network-esque algorithm involving unemployment rates, the cost of a Pizza Hut pizza and a 6 pack of beer, Nerdwallet has come up with a list of the best cities for recent college grads to move to. Boston, Seattle and Denver made the top three!
  • Santa Monica Shooting: Santa Monica College was placed on lock-down on Friday after a shooting left five dead, including the gunman, and several others injured. The shooting started at a residence and ended on campus. The case is still under investigation.
  • Up with Digital Media, Down with Newspapers: Due to most college students getting their news digitally instead of in print, the circulation of college newspapers is going down. Many schools, including University of Virginia are cutting down on their printing and allocating more resources to their online publications.
  • Best and Worst Degrees for Your Money: Good news for advertising majors and bad news for those that want to be teachers! has created a list of the best and worst degrees for your money that takes a look at average salaries and how long it takes the average person in that field to pay off their student loans. Is your major on the list?

What do you think of our college current events roundup?

Featured photo credit: Valerie Everett via photopin cc