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Goodbye Google reader and hello expensive public universities. This week’s current events round up tells you which public schools are the most expensive and which transportation apps will help you not get lost in a new city. It’s our job to inform you of the goings on at college (the news is the news, no matter how good, bad, or strange!) and keep you in the loop, so we rounded up the most interesting college news stories this week for you. Want to stay in the know? Then check out this week’s college current events roundup!

  • Students and Security Deposits: Apparently college and university student legal services are kept busy by landlord vs. tenant disputes. While it is not always the case, it can be common for landlords to take advantage of students because they know they do not have the resources to fight back. Whether this is withholding security deposits or not following up with repairs, renting can always be tricky. When renting you should always be aware and know your rights.
  • Pricey Public Schools: It is common knowledge that public colleges and universities usually have lower tuition rates, especially for in-state students. However, the price for public schools are going up. Check out this list of the most expensive public schools and see if your school makes the list.
  • The Google Graveyard Welcomes Google Reader: Google is constantly creating new products and programs and they are also constantly pulling the plug on them. On July 1st, a new plot will be added to the Google graveyard when Google pulls the plug on the most popular RSS reader Google Reader. RIP Reader, what else are you joining in the graveyard?
  • UCF vs. The Westboro Baptist Church: If the Westboro Baptist Church is good at one thing it is making people really, really angry. On July 15th, University of Central Florida is expecting a visit from the controversial group, and they plan on protesting right back. A Facebook page has been created to promote the counter protest and the students have made it clear that not physical violence will be allowed, but they really want them to just leave them alone.
  • Big City Apps So You Don’t Get Lost: Moving to a big city for work, school or an internship? The last thing you want is to get lost. Check out this roundup of the best transportation apps for some major cities around the U.S.

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