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Vodka Samm got super-drunk, everyone is doing molly, and the unpaid interns are striking back.  It’s our job to inform you of the goings on at college (the news is the news, no matter how good, bad, or strange!) and keep you in the loop, so we rounded up the most interesting college news stories this week for you. Want to stay in the know? Then check out this week’s college current events roundup!

  •  How is Vodka Samm still breathing?: Between the Vodka Sam Saga, and 857 people being arrested around the ASU campus, it’s safe to say the first week of college was kind of crazy this year. Don’t know who Vodka Samm is? Samantha Goudie, a University of Iowa student, was arrested with a BAC (blood alchohol content) of .341 this past week, and  she instantly took to Twitter to tweet “#YOLO” and “I’m going to get .341 tatted on me because its so epic.”  She since has deleted her twitter in an attempt to clear her name.
  • Unpaid interns are standing for change: It all started with two unpaid interns on the set of Black Swan suing Fox Searchlight Pictures in 2011, and since then, many other interns have taken the same action on their employers. Over 8,000 unpaid interns have signed a petition against unpaid internships, claiming that the internships are not beneficial enough for the intern to be considered “unpaid.”
  • Everyone is falling for Molly: With the recent string of Molly overdoses at concerts, college officials in the Northeast are warning students of the harmful effects of the drug. Molly is a form of MDMA which can induce euphoria or a psychedelic high, but can also increase heart rate and blood pressure. Molly overdoses have never been more prevalent than they are now, and it’s safe to say that this has both parents and college officials very concerned.
  • Student loans are stressing grads: Student loan forgiveness isn’t very forgiving.  Most students get a six-month grace period, but for some that isn’t long enough. There is hope, and some unique ways to tackle the debt, such as getting a public service job, applying for the income-based repayment plan, or even joining the military.
  • Miss America is keeping it simple: The glamorous Miss America 2011, Theresa Scanlan has chosen the tiny-super conservative Patrick Henry College as the destination to further her education. The school currently only has 320 students enrolled and 5 majors to choose from–a far cry from the bright lights of the Miss America Pageant.

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