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You couldn’t go onto any news site today without being bombarded with news about the iPhone 5. So I changed up my usual featured image to include an iPad instead of an old school newspaper for this edition of College Current Events Roundup. Now, onto the news!

  • IPHONE 5 HAS ARRIVED: Well, not literally, but we now know all the specs as well as the release date of the highly anticipated iPhone 5. Additionally, welcome the EarPods, and say goodbye to your old iPhone charger/connector. I still think it is a terrible idea for any college student to be getting the new iPhone, especially if you just got your iPhone 4. Stay put, it isn’t going anywhere.
  • GAGA FOR PHOTOSHOP: Apparently, Vogue magazine thinks Lady Gaga is too fat for the cover of their September issue. So what did they do? They photoshopped her body to shrink her waist down from “a believably human size” to “less than the width of her head.” Wooo. Sigh, fashion magazines get a little to photoshop happy.
  • STILL NO LOVE FOR E-TEXTBOOKS: Considering we can’t go more than 10 minutes without checking some type of digital technology, you’d think college students would be all sorts of excited about digital textbooks. But despite e-textbook sales growing, students still prefer hard-copy versions of textbooks. And considering I got the kindle version of a textbook before, I totally understand why.
  • MICHIGAN LOVES COLLEGE VOTERS:Michigan is making it even easier for college students to register and then vote this fall. At least one state still wants its college students to vote, considering what’s been going on with Texas a couple weeks ago (federal courts rejected their new voting laws that would have been bad news for college students).

That’s it for this college current events roundup! Share the news with your friends!


Featured photo credit: jeffwilcox via photo pin cc