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Happy Monday, my lovely college readers! Have you been keeping up with your current events? I’m assuming so, if you’re reading this right now. Onto our college current events roundup!

  • LOOK AT THE BABY PANDA: Baby pandas have the most random growth spurt within 1 year. They grow from these rat-like red animals to the pandas you know and love. Take a look at how a baby panda grows!
  • TWITTER MANIA: It turns out that social media actually does have an impact on entertainment and other business decisions! Well, I already knew that, but you sometimes need actual numbers to convince the older ones… Check out how Twitter has amped up the voices of viewers, making sure TV writers can’t ignore viewer feedback!
  • OWS BIRTHDAY: So it’s the 1 year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, and it’s kind of becoming less relevant, even though it’s election year. Probably because it’s falling apart from the inside. You can read about it here.
  • COLOR & FASHION: People are looking at the numbers of New York Fashion Week, and it turns out that this year, we’ve had the highest number of models of color ever. That’s a pretty impressive feat, since they hardly made a dent in the fashion world back in 2008. You can check out more information here.
  • NYC SODA BAN: So did you guys hear that NYC Mayer Bloomberg limited the size of large drinks on Thursday? Highly controversial. All my health blog buddies have been talking about it.
  • JOB SECURITY FAILING: So many individuals have chosen jobs in corporate law or medicine because it has always been deemed the most secure job. But Wall Street Journal is saying that isn’t the case anymore. Cue the hyperventilation.

That’s it for this week’s current events roundup! Please share this post with your friends!


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