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Is it Hump Day yet? No? How disappointing. Some pretty big things happened on CampusRiot today: first, did you know that Tyba has done an exclusive launch with CampusRiot readers? Check out this post to find out why you should sign up for a Tyba account. Second, SmartDeco gave us a free SmartStand to review! Check out this post to see if we think cardboard furniture is the next big thing. Now, onto our college current events roundup!

  • JESUS WAS MARRIED? There was a newly discovered fragment of Coptic writing that suggests that Jesus may have been married! Whoa. Karen L. King, a historian at Harvard Divinity Schoool, presented her findings today at a meeting of Coptic scholars.
  • ROMNEY OFFENDS DEMOCRATS: It’s no surprise that anything Mitt Romney says will meet resistance with Obama supporters. But it gets personal when he personally offends Obama supporters by describing them as “people who pay no income tax” and are “dependent upon government.” Oh, and did I mentioned he thinks they are entitled and identify as victims? Not sure how he’s going to bounce back from that one, but he’s bounced back from worse in my opinion. (I think people can be too forgiving. Just kidding. Not really.)
  • FACEBOOK OVERSHARE: An interesting tidbit: a Harvard study found that “our brains respond to self-disclosure the same way they respond to pleasure triggers like food, money or sex.” But even our Facebook friends who overshare may not realize these 7 ways they are unknowingly sharing on Facebook. Time to change those privacy settings yet again.
  • ADELE AND BURBERRY:Rumor has it that Adele was asked to be the face of Burberry (yes, pun intended), and she responded by asking if they would be interested in collaborating on a collection for plus-size customers. I knew I liked Adele.
  • THE CALIFORNIAN ACCENT: Being from California, I wasn’t aware there was actually an accent over there. But apparently, Californian accents are more distinct than we thought. SNL certainly caught on it much sooner than we did.

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