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The Presidential election is a main focus in the news lately for obvious reasons, but that’s not the only interesting thing in the news, like how to get a little more privacy out of Facebook and what is being done about the rising cost of tuition! Here is today’s college current events roundup.

  • Fixing Facebook:  Facebook went public recently, and while it’s working out wonderfully for Facebook, it may not be working out so well for its users. The site recently paired with a company called Datalogix which uses your information to analyze how much impact ads on Facebook have on its users, but if you’d prefer more privacy, you can easily change your settings.
  • Rick Perry, Tuition Avenger: Texas Governor Rick Perry is taking a stand against raising tuition in public colleges in Texas, saying “If you get out of the University of Texas with a $50,000 debt, I don’t know if we’ve served you well.”
  • Voter ID: If you planned on using your student ID as your ID when you vote in the upcoming election, you may be in for a surprise.  Student IDs are no longer considered in some states (the law varies) a valid form of identification with which to vote.
  • Studying Abroad Benefits: If you were looking for a reason to justify studying abroad, here are 5 that show how studying abroad will help you find more focus to better achieve your goals. Check it out!

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Featured photo credit: Mike Bailey-Gates via photopin cc