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Today is seriously a slow news day. All people are talking about is the Democratic National Convention. So apologies in advance if my commentary is rather lame. Onto the current events:

  • OBAMARAMA: The Democratic National Convention is all newspapers are talking about right now. From falling in love with Michelle Obama’s speech to Gabby Douglas reciting the pledge of allegiance, people are all smiles! Perhaps I should be reading more right-wing news articles. Sorry, dudes.
  • HATIN’ ON THE GOP: Former San Francisco Giants announcer, Sherry Davis, is also the first female sports announcer in US history. Sherry Davis decided to talk about her own experience with rape and pregnancy in response to all that hoopla the GOP has been barking about legitimate rape and other nonsense. A really powerful piece that puts the crazies to even more shame. You should read it.
  • YOUNG ‘N HEALTHY: A little Colorado girl has recovered from the bubonic plague, yay! They suspect she may have caught it from burying a squirrel. Ew…
  • SANDUSKY DRAMA: Penn State has just reported that covering all Sandusky child sex abuse scandal costs has come to a staggering $17 million up to June 30. This is how we know that scandal never pays… well, unless you’re the legal defense. But I’m not sure it’s worth it.

That’s it for this evening’s college current events roundup!

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