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Does anyone else hate the Facebook algorithm as much as I do? I chose to like all these news sites for a reason: so I can see what current events are actually current on my Facebook newsfeed. I don’t need to see every single status of a person I don’t particularly like but no news from the Washington Post or Gawker. Come on, Facebook, get with the program!

But that’s taking us away from the goal of this post. Here’s your roundup, featuring James Franco, Boston University, Generation Obama, Nokia, and Jimmy Fallon.

  • JIMMY FALLON PRANKS AGAIN: My highlight last Halloween was when Jimmy Fallon asked parents to film their kids’s reactions as they told their kids that they ate all the Halloween candy. Oh man, it was too good. This time, Fallon asked parents to dress their kids up in horrible back-to-school outfits. I personally don’t find Jimmy Fallon funny at all, except for the shining moments he chooses to do these Youtube Challenges.
  • GENERATION OBAMA GROWS UP: A little article talking about the generation that so enthusiastically helped Obama get into the White House back in 2008 is a lot more somber for the 2012 election. Which is fair — disappointment is inevitable. But to the point that equal numbers of people are highly dissatisfied with Obama as the numbers who are highly satisfied? That was interesting.
  • JAMES FRANCO SUED: I personally don’t like James Franco at all, but hey, he went to NYU, and so did I. I remember my classmates freaking out each time he would hang out at the local Starbucks. (I missed this my freshman year; oh well.) So I’m going to make a mention of him for nostalgia’s sake. Do you remember Franco making disparaging remarks about former NYU professor Jose Angel Santana because the professor gave him a D? Well, now Santana is suing Franco for defamation. I agree with Santana here; a guy cannot pass a class if he missed 85% of the sessions; Santana was being nice when he gave Franco a D. Just saying.
  • PU, BU HOCKEY: Boston University President Robert A. Brown had to review the culture of BU’s hockey team after 2 team members were accused of sexual assault last school year. He found that the BU hockey team had a ‘culture of sexual entitlement,‘ ew. That’s all I have to say about that.
  • HIGH RISK, LOW REWARD: Nokia had been rambling about the new Windows smartphone design foreverĀ — the first to be built for Windows 8 — saying they were going to out-design Apple. Now that it’s been released, no one’s impressed. And Nokia’s stock plummeted 16% as a result. That sucks, Nokia.
And now, here are the highlights from Bill Clinton’s speech yesterday, if you don’t have patience to watch all 50 minutes of it.

Bill Clinton's Best DNC Zingers

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