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We all hate finals. Personally, aside from the insurmountable amount of work that makes me break out thinking about it, I really, really, loathe this time of year because it brings out the absolute worst in people. This definitely shouldn’t be the worst time of year, either — winter break is only a few short weeks away for god’s sake! Aren’t we supposed to be watching Christmas movies and baking cookies and spreading holiday cheer? No. College students ain’t got no time for that.

With all of that being said, these are the top 5 reasons you should probably keep to yourself during  finals season. If you need someone to lean on, lean on yourself. Everyone is going through the same stuff as you are and probably doesn’t wanna be reminded.

1. Nice people turn into mean people.

You know that super friendly and nice person who you aren’t really that close with but have a conversation with whenever you bump into them anyway because they’re so great? Even those people have an ugly side, and it comes out during finals season, which is super depressing. This person is one of the few people we can depend on to have a constant positive attitude. But yikes — when we see them in a bad mood, we feel how we felt when we found out  Steve from Blue’s Clues left the show because he was a drug addict: heartbroken. Disappointed. All faith in humanity = gone. Don’t make the mistake of making small talk with acquaintances during finals. You will walk away feeling worse than you did before.

2. College students + lack of sleep = CRANKINESS.

‘Tis the season for all-nighters and an ungodly amount of caffeine. Chances are, 50% of the people surrounding you in the library have spent the night in there. Yikes. Only getting 5 hours of sleep already puts people on edge. Now, imagine a room full of college students who are very, very sleep deprived. Yeah, the crankiness level might as well be a classroom of pre-schoolers who didn’t get to watch Frozen when their teacher promised them that they would. Tantrums galore! Don’t even think about approaching someone unless you know they got at least six hours of sleep.

3. People smell really bad.

So if people don’t have time to sleep, do you think they have time to shower? Probably not. The hierarchy of needs isn’t really a thing during finals season. People who usually smell bad smell worse, and the stench of the hottie you’ve had a crush on for a while will make you question everything.

4. You know exactly why that person in the library is crying.

Like the good person you are, you might walk up to a friend who you see has tears running down their face while sitting at a table in the library. Well, do you really need to ask if they’re okay? OF COURSE THEY’RE NOT OKAY. No one is okay during finals season. The tears are probably not that serious, anyway. They’re just part of that person’s cyclical study-cry-study routine. Ya know, when you study for 2 hours, cry a little bit, study for another hour, cry for like 15 minutes, etc. Stay away from they criers. They have been doing it on and off for a week now, it’s really nothing.

5. No one likes a complainer.

EVERYONE complains about EVERYTHING this time of year. People complain about literally anything they’re able to, not just finals. Being surrounded by this kind of negative energy is exhausting. Don’t surround yourself by people who only have bad things to say. If you do that, you’ll be more likely to complain to, which really gets you no where. Do what you have to do to get through this difficult time and don’t let others bring you down with them. It’s almost over, and soon enough you’ll be on your home to get in the holiday spirit like you’re supposed to be at this point in December.