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There are only four weeks of regular season play left for the 2011 season. And, thanks to some top 10 teams losing, the rematch debate between LSU and Alabama has only heated up.

After their stomping of Stanford, Oregon has also been thrown into the rematch mix with LSU. Oregon and LSU faced off against each other in the season opener on a neutral field at Cowboy Stadium. In the opener, LSU thumped Oregon 40-27. The Tigers were also without Jordan Jefferson in that game. But, the argument is that Oregon is a completely new team from its Sept. 3 debut. Like Alabama, Oregon does not control it’s own destiny. The Ducks also need Oklahoma State to lose, and quite possibly Alabama.

And everyone has heard and read about the Penn State scandal. And if you guys are anything like me, you’re tired of hearing about it. It’s a nightmare. And I’m just going to leave it at that. There have been enough opinions written about it, so I won’t include mine.

But, with football season winding down, it is time for another sport to pick up: college basketball.

On Veteran’s Day, the University of North Carolina and Michigan State University competed in a college basketball first; they played aboard the USS Carl Vinson in the inaugural Carrier Classic.

On 11-11-11 the teams honored the veteran’s by wearing camouflage uniforms with USA as the name. The game wasn’t pretty, but no one expected it to be. How do you shoot with winds and sunlight hindering your sight?

But the sun went down and the clock ran out, and the Tar Heels defeated Michigan State 67-55. No. 1 UNC won their opener, but that will be forgotten later in the season. What will be remembered is the beauty that was honoring and celebrating the veterans of this country.

Another big night comes Tuesday night, when Duke’s head coach Mike Krzyzewski attempts to win game number 903. When Coach K gets win 903 he will be become the winningest men’s coach in Division I play. With Duke’s win on Nov. 12, Coach K tied his mentor, Bob Knight. Regardless of if it happens Tuesday, the record-breaking will come. With the first weekend of basketball completed, it looks to be an exciting year.

Photo courtesy of U.S. Embassy Jakarta, Indonesia via Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0).