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Now that school is back in session, you’re excited to see your friends and to start classes. Health is not the top thing on your mind, but it should be… Stay strong during the beginning of the school year with these health tips.

Eat Breakfast

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it jumpstarts your metabolism and gives you the energy you need. Skipping breakfast is a common mistake. Grab some yogurt and fruit or make some eggs! Making breakfast for yourself doesn’t have to take a long time, and you will feel great after.



Since it is still warm out, take advantage of it! Go outside for a run, play tennis with friends, ride a bike! If exercising outdoors isn’t your style, check out your college’s fitness center. Working out is a great way to keep healthy and reduce stress. If you’re not a gym-lover, ask a friend to go with you! You can motivate each other and have a buddy for support.


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You may think you need 8 hours of sleep every night, but pulling those all-nighters and staying up until 4am will quickly catch up to you. By getting enough sleep, you’re letting your body rest and recharge. Sleeping will also help prevent getting a cold. The more you sleep, the better!

Have Some “Me-Time”

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Giving yourself some “me-time” everyday will allow you to de-stress and feel on top of the world. Give yourself 30-60 minutes per day to just be by yourself and relax; go to a park and bring a book, go on a nice long walk, watch some Netflix in bed, take yourself out for a cup of coffee. Anything that makes you feel relaxed and ready to go.

Getting back into the groove of things can be hard when starting a new year of school, but by following these easy steps, you’ll be healthy and back in the swing of things in no time!

Do you have any health tips to help college students?