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College Life in Fresh Prince Gifs

Monday’s are always a little rough, so we wanted to do something special for you. Consider this our gift to you:

The college experience explained Fresh Prince of Bel-Air gifs.

 1.  When you get your tests back in class and your friend asks what you got.

 2.  When you find out you got a better grade than her.

3.  When someone cuts in front of you when you’re waiting for food in the dining hall.

4.  When you come back to your room after being in class ALL DAY.

5.  When they finally play your song at the frat party.

6.  When your friend says they think your crush is cute, too.

7.  When someone tries to holla at you and you are NOT into it.

8.  When your classmate asks if you studied for the exam, but you didn’t even know there was going to be one.

9.  When you try to leave someone’s house quietly the morning after a, uh, crazy, night.

10.  When your realize your room mate ate the rest of your Oreo’s.

11.  Being put in the drunk tank.

12.  When the DJ at the party finally plays that one song with a specific dance, i.e. shmoney dance, stanky leg, chicken noodle soup, etc.

13.  When your drunk at a kick back and everyone’s chilling and you just want to dance.

14.  Cooking for yourself for the first time.

15.  When your professor talks.

16.  When your mom calls and asks if you’ve been eating right.

17.  When you and your friend both got a bad grade on the exam.

18.  When your mom comes to visit and gets on you and your cleaning habits.

19.  When your professor picks on you even if you didn’t raise your hand to answer the question.

20.  When your friend convinces the professor to postpone the paper.

21.  When you walk into a party and see the person you lied to about not wanting to go out.

Which moment do you relate to the most?

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