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Now, we don’t want to encourage you to procrastinate or anything (we take school very seriously here, duh) but we also know that sometimes what you really need during an intense study session is a quick break, to laugh a little, catch up on what’s trending and in the news, and recharge before you  sit down to write that 10 page essay. The College Mixer is our attempt at making things easier for you — here are today’s top links from around the web!

College Athletes Should be Paid Exactly This Much (via Businessweek)

Pay the Jocks

Currently, the NCAA doesn’t allow college athletes to be paid by their school, or receive monetary compensation for things like signing autographs.  As college sports, like basketball and football, grow increasingly popular, there are talks about whether these athletes should be paid, and how much.  If you ask me, it just seems like a terrible idea.  College isn’t expensive enough for the normal, non-athletic plebians already right?  And doesn’t a full ride athletic scholarship count for something?

College Students’ Thesis Topics are Hilarious, Depressing (via Slate)

Slate LOL my thesis

If you’ve already had to write an undergraduate thesis, or will be writing one at some point, I can almost guarantee the Lolmythesis tumblr account will become your new favorite thing.  Students sum up their entire thesis that they’ve spent massive amounts of time constructing in one sentence.  They are incredibly hilarious and I would suggest waiting until you finish your own thesis to browse, as you will spend hours chuckling instead of doing your own work.

The Best Celebrity Memes of 2013 (via Buzzfeed)

Peeta knocks over Jennifer Lawrence gif

One of the best parts of the Internet and technology is the ability to turn embarrasing celebrity faux pas into memes.  Thanks to Miley Cyrus’ antics, Beyonce being Beyonce, and more, 2013 produced a wealth of hysterical memes, that will likely be enjoyable forever.  I don’t think I will ever be able to stop thinking about “Twerkey.”  And yes, these are all memes, a meme is an idea that spreads around the Internet, and of which variations can be created, anything from a still image to a video clip can technically be called a meme.

‘Fresh Prince’ Co-Stars Remember James Avery (via MTV)

James Avery 2004

 (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

Actor James Avery, most famous for his role as Uncle Phil, passed away on New Year’s Eve, likely due to complications from the open heart surgery he had in November.  This is a pretty sad note to start the new year on, as Uncle Phil’s character was pretty beloved by any good 90s kid.  Some of Avery’s ‘Fresh Prince’ co-stars, like Alfonso Ribeiro, took to Twitter and Facebook to express their feelings and send condolences to Avery’s wife and mother.

35 GIFs from ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’: Tongues Take Over (via Mashable)

Jenny McCarthy licking sledgehammer

This year, we had to endure our first Rockin’ Eve without Dick Clark, and the major talking point of the show became Miley Cyrus’ tongue.  Apparently, Jenny McCarthy is obsessed with Miley’s tongue, and even donned a tongue costume and “licked” the audience.  Other notable celeb appearances include Macklemore donning a poncho, it makes me wonder about what kind of ugly sweater he must have worn on Christmas.

What were your favorite links of the day?