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Now, we don’t want to encourage you to procrastinate or anything (we take school very seriously here, duh) but we also know that sometimes what you really need during an intense study session is a quick break, to laugh a little, catch up on what’s trending and in the news, and recharge before you  sit down to write that 10 page essay. The College Mixer is our attempt at making things easier for you — here are today’s top links from around the web!

It’s An Exceptionally Bad Time To Be A Recent College Grad (via Huffington Post)

A new study by the New York Fed shows that right now is a really, really bad time to be a recent grad. Not only is the unemployment rate the highest it’s been in over 20 years, but the underemployment rate is the highest it’s been in decades, too. The only consolation for grads? People who don’t have their degree are faring even worse.

2014 Oscar Nominees – “American Hustle” and “Gravity” are Front-runners (via LA Times)

American Hustle Oscar Nominees

The 2014 Oscar nominations have been released, and guess what movies are on top? No surprise here — American Hustle and Gravity received the most nominations. The question on everyone’s minds? Is this the year Leo DiCaprio will finally win his Oscar for best actor? Up against Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale for Dallas Buyers Club and American Hustle, respectively, we’re not so sure…

23 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Pokémon (via BuzzFeed)

Pokemon GIF

Were you a big Pokemon fanatic back in the day? (Wait, did I really just ask that? Obviously you were.) Start your Throwback Thursday off right with these facts that even the most die-hard Pokemon fans might not know. You’re welcome.

The Most Interesting Places To Go To College (via Huffington Post)

University of Minesotta Twin Cities

Do you go to one of the most interesting schools in the country? Drake University and CU Boulder , made the list, along with Arizona State University, Vassar College, Harvard, MIT, and more. What schools do you think were missing?

What were your favorite links today?