It’s Olympics week! Wooo. While the college blog world seemed a little quiet this week, we still uncovered some great posts for our second edition of College Mixer. Focusing on topics in early marriage, internships, veganism, and general entertainment awesomeness. Check it out!

For Your Entertainment: Bright Futura‘s No Class Series

If there was ever a time I was jealous of Bright Futura, it was every single time they posted a hilarious or witty graphic on their facebook wall. I think they realized that they could make a great post out of their weekly collections, and thus, the No Class series was born. You can check out their first roundup of gifs and images here!

For Single Ladies: College Crush Addresses Early Marriage

I just graduated from NYU, which was notorious for its girl-to-straight-guy ratio. More than that, there’s just so much to do in NYC that you forget that a lot of people meet their significant others quite often around this age. Like all of my old high school friends who suddenly settled down, got married, and had their first child — all before I graduated. You can’t help but freak out a little, wondering why you haven’t found “The One” yet (which, seriously, how do you know at 20 or 21??? I barely know how to be a grownup, let alone do something as grownup as getting married. The College Crush reminds the single girls to calm down. Just calm down — and ignore that feeling of being left out! It can go awry!

While you’re at it, you can check out Vanessa’s latest Surviving…. posts on The College Crush!

For Interns: Her Campus Provides an End-of-Internship To-Do List

I participated in the @HerCampus #HerQuestions twitter chat on Tuesday night, and the theme was Internships! Anything and everything about internships. One of my favorite answers was from Harper Yi, who is the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus W&M.

After that lovely twitter chat, they followed up with a to-do list: 10 Things You Must Do at the End of Your Internship. A great piece, and incorporated Harper’s piece of advice. Check it out!

For the Budget: Small Kitchen College Teaches You How to Be a Broke Vegan

People are always afraid of making the leap to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. But Suzannah, the author of this how to article, points out that if you want a body like Anne Hathaway had in The Dark Knight Rises, you should probably give it a chance, even if you’re broke! She gives some good tips to live the life of a broke vegan.

But maybe you shouldn’t try Anne’s current diet for the Les Miserables film…

Anne Hathaway on 'Crazy' Detox Diet For 'Les Miserables' Role

That’s it for this week’s roundup!

P.S. It was a busy week for CampusRiot as well! If you missed anything, take a look:

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Image courtesy of Andrew Huff via Flickr (Creative Commons).