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Yes, I know, I am bad and missed last week’s college mixer. Apologies! You may have noticed a lot of changes that are going on at CampusRiot; namely, we are updating a lot more frequently. 4 times a day, to be exact. With a morning video, then 2 articles from any one of our staff writers, and then a current events round up at the end of the day, you’ll always have a reason to come back! Please do. We get lonely overhear when no one is reading our stuff 🙁

Anyways. Check out this week’s edition of College Mixer! Some new and old faces. I’m sure you’ll enjoy 🙂

College Crush Helps You to Survive Communication in Relationships

Our editor Vanessa is an excellent writer. I am proud to have her as a consistent writer on CampusRiot. And she gives sound advice — a lot of it about relationships. In this piece, she outlines 4 of her biggest communication mistakes while dating and offers alternatives to the mistakes you may be making right now.

Avoid these 10 Travel Mistakes Barefoot Nomad Has Made Before

My roommate just came back from Mexico on Monday and had to deal with a major overcharge fee from Verizon because she left her phone roaming for a week. It was about $150 in fees. You can hug a panda for that kind of money! (Yes, I plugged my own guest post while promoting another writer. I am not ashamed.)

Micki from Barefood Nomad has made that mistake and more. She’s written this piece so maybe you won’t have a travel mishap from a stupid travel mistake. It’s an excellent piece! Study abroad students, this is for you!

Hack College Wants You to Travel and Save Money

I think I got bit by the travel bug (again). This guest post by Get Rich in College on Hack College shows some awesome ways you can get bit by the travel bug and not spend a small fortune while doing it. Check out these 7 unconventional ways to save money while traveling!

That Girl Mag Profiles 5 People You’ll Meet on Facebook Before School Starts

I just can’t get enough of Clara’s humor at That Girl Magazine! She’s hilarious, insightful, and actually writes regularly enough for me to want to feature her every week. Pretty recently she wrote a piece geared toward incoming college freshman — a humorous piece on the Facebook friends you make before you even meet them fall semester. I actually missed out on the friend-adding craziness my freshmen year because I had just made an account (weird to think I lived life without Facebook before), but I know sooo many people who were the personalities listed in this post.

That’s it for this week’s round up. But don’t forget us! We’ve been super busy writing awesome stuff for you guys right here on CampusRiot:

Whew! That’s it for this week’s College Mixer! What’s your favorite article?


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