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Another week is finally coming to a close, and I couldn’t be more elated. It’s probably at this point in time when you’re feeling the strain of college life. So many homework assignments! Tons of papers due at once! Group projects creeping up on you! This week’s College Mixer was crafted with this in mind. I’ve found awesome posts that will remind you to exercise, sleep, and have a little fun!

Greatist + Dorm Room Exercises

Bodyweight Dorm Room Exercises

I think this dorm room is unrepresentative of how big a college dorm room is, but nevertheless, you can still get all 8 of these workouts done if you’re too lazy to head to your college gym!

Tyba + Thrifty Jet-Setter Tips

Did you catch my interview with Tyba co-founder Jorge Schnura? Well, it turns out that Tyba also has an awesome blog! This particular blog post stole my heart, because I am an avid traveler. Here are 10 tips for traveling on a budget so you can be the thrifty jet setter you always dreamed of!

HackCollege + Ways to Maximize Your Sleep

I think staff writer Robbie Williford is moonlighting on us as a writer for HackCollege! Despite that, we still love him and think his useful article on maximizing your sleep schedule is still a great read. Sleep is incredibly important to your functioning, so don’t skimp out on it!

Small Kitchen College + Fun Ways to Finish Your Keg

Kegs cost around $80 and contain 15.5 gallons of beer — super cost effective. No wonder why all the house party hosts opt to invest in kegs when they are planning ragers! Anyways, Small Kitchen College has compiled a list of ideas on fun ways to finish off your keg. But drink responsibly!

And that’s it for our College Mixer. But did you catch all of our CampusRiot posts this week? Check out what we have to share:

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