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Lots of things are in the works for CampusRiot! We’ll tell you more about it next week. But here’s a hint: it has something to do with Adobe. 😉 Now, onto this week’s College Mixer! Typically, I like to take this time to promote other awesome college blogs, but sometimes, just plain amazing blogs slip through my filter. Check out these 4 awesome posts I’ve found:

College Info Geek + Bungee Jumping = Life Lessons

So this is a bit of a cheat. I just wrote a guest post for Tom Frank over at College Info Geek, talking about this one time I went bungee jumping while in Macau. It was a pretty crazy experience, and since Tom himself has an impossible list that includes bungee jumping, I figured my post would match his blog well. Anyways.

If you’re not the type to consider bungee jumping as a side activity, you don’t have to miss out on the life lessons learned from it. Check out my 5 lessons learned from bungee jumping in Macau!

 Blog of Impossible Things Wants You to Get Disciplined, Not Motivated

When I stumbled upon Tom Frank’s impossible list, I ended up at the Blog of Impossible Things. While this isn’t a college blog, it’s a blog I think many college students can get inspired by. Joel Runyon, who runs the blog, decided to get challenged by giving himself a list of things he typically wouldn’t believe he could do… at that point. Things like traveling for a year straight, running a triathlon, etc. With this list, he documents his progress and challenges his readers to do the same. One post he just published discusses the difference between discipline and motivation.

Discipline is so incredibly important for individuals looking to improve their study habits, or in this case, fitness habits. It isn’t about being motivated to do a ton of work in spurts the night before something is due; it’s about having the discipline to continuously work on it so you don’t have to cram or pull an all nighter. It’s just better for your quality of life to have discipline, and I know very few people who actually have it. (Including myself on many aspects of life.) So read this post, and get motivated to get disciplined!

Student Branding Shows You How to Make Your Interview Matter

Did I ever tell you about that one time I was a minute late to my interview at this consulting company? Long story short, I didn’t get the job. It’s such a stupid thing too; I had trouble printing out my resume at home, which is 40 minutes away from campus, so I had to rush to campus to print out my resume. That, coupled with traffic and my getting lost in Downtown Manhattan didn’t help me. Enough of the complaining; my good intentions did not matter! I still made a bad first impression, and I lost out. It’s really too bad; I kind of wanted that job.

So don’t be like me. Make that first impression count! Check out this post by Student Branding, which shows you how to make your interview matter in the eyes of your (possible) future boss.

Caveman College Gives You the Secret to Being Healthy AND Busy

When you’re super busy in college and you have commitments left and right, it gets hard to think about your health. But it won’t matter if you make it so integrated into your schedule that you’re working out and eating healthy without even thinking about it! There’s always something different you could be doing so that you are more active, even when you’re living a “sedentary” life. Take my word for it. I went to NYU, where they had very tall buildings and the classes weren’t too far apart, so I made sure to take the stairs instead of the elevator everyday. Simple way to work out without trying!

That’s exactly the type of mindset Caveman College wants you to get in yourself while you’re rushing around to get to classes. Check out their post on incorporating healthy habits into your busy lifestyle.

That’s it for this week’s roundup! But before you go, you might want to check out some of the posts we published here on CampusRiot! Check them out:

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