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Now, we don’t want to encourage you to procrastinate or anything (we take school very seriously here, duh) but we also know that sometimes what you really need during an intense study session is a quick break, to laugh a little, catch up on what’s trending and in the news, and recharge before you  sit down to write that 10 page essay. The College Mixer is our attempt at making things easier for you — here are today’s top links from around the web!

Oh, and on Fridays, we wear pink.

Just kidding. On Fridays, we have a frat party. Kind of — by frat party, we mean we feature links from other sites in our media group.

7 Chocolate Candies From Around the World (via Travel Freak)

Mozart Balls candy

Tomorrow (Dec. 28th) is national chocolate candy day, and I encourage you all to participate.  If you want to see how the other hemisphere enjoys their chocolate candy, check out these popular international chocolates.  When I was in Austria I literally bought 3 bags of Mozart balls, they are so strange, and yet, so  amazingly delicious.

10 Creative Cocktails For New Year’s Eve (via Healthy Way to Cook)

NYE Blue Cocktail

If you want to step up your cocktail game for New Year’s Eve and drink something other than cranberry vodka, try one of these delicious cocktails.  They are also really pretty, and all your friends will be impressed if you mix up a few rounds of these babies.

3 Ways to Stay Inspired All Year (via Bite Size Wellness)

BSW enjoy yourself

Making a list of resolutions and things you want to change in the new year is easy, but sticking to those resolutions past the end of January is the hard part.  If you start to loose your inspiration as 2014 whizzes by, keep these things in mind.  Most importantly, don’t drive yourself crazy trying to reach impossible goals.

Luxe for Less: Kate Spade (via Haute Talk)

Luxe for less Kate Spade

Every college student wishes they could afford designer clothing and just look awesomely fabulous every day.  Unfortunately, the grim reality is that most of us just wear yoga pants and hoodies, and if we are lucky, can occasionally buy a new top at H&M.  If you are willing to put some effort in though, you can usually find cheaper pieces that mimic the designer clothes, and Haute Talk is a great resource for these affordable fashion tricks.

Amusing Self-Portraits of One-Sided Kisses With Strangers (via Redesign Revolution)

Tommy Kha kissing photo

If you are looking for something awkward to laugh at, this photo series is perfect.  Photographer Tommy Kha loves to embrace all that is awkward, and for this photo series, he took some self-portraits of him maintaining an awkwardly neutral expression while strangers kissed him, passionately.

Justin Bieber Retiring From Music … For Real This Time, We Think (via Celebrity Watchdog)

Justin Bieber

A big celeb gossip topic lately has been the Bieb’s early retirement.  Pretty sure he really is retiring. Please oh please let it be true! Is he gonna move to Florida and start playing shuffleboard with the other dudes in the retirement home? Stay tuned.

What were your favorite links of the day?