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Chances are, if you’re a college student, you own a smartphone or iPad and you’ve probably played a mobile game or two on it. With advanced mobile technology available literally at your fingertips, mobile devices makes life possible and possibilities endless. You get sucked into an extra engaging world of sharp graphics, exceptional sound along with ultra smooth and rapid connectivity to the internet. As you live your life and live it up, make sure to milk this hand-held smart device for all its worth by trying out the following unique ways to use mobile gaming during your college adventures.

Make A Game, Make Money

Mobile gaming is on the rise as one of the most fruitful markets to invest in in the next decades — you can get a piece of the pie by using your creativity and creating your very own mobile app. And whether it’s knowledge, education, tools, creative inspiration or even a readily available audience waiting to be amused, the amazing advantage of being in a college/university environment is this access to incessant amounts of resources. The mobile world allows almost anyone and everyone to participate — nothing is impossible, especially an amateur developer making a game. You can either learn how to develop an app for smart-enable devices using campus resources or the ever-present Google, or become friends with a computer science engineering major and run the operations and idea behind it while your developer makes it come to life. College is the opportune time to embark in a project such as creating a mobile game because you likely only really have to focus on studies and social life as opposed to throwing all your energy in career after school. Moreover, 99% of the audience to market the game to is right in front of you, and this demographic is on social media which is a very strategic platform to tie your mobile application to.

Use Games to Pay Loans

Games not only provide entertainment, but can also have good intentions of helping you get by. One example of an altruistic game that is about to emerge via mobile format is “Givling,” a pay- to-play game where trivia fiends (a plethora of whom are college-age) vie for the title of the most knowledgeable in the land for 80 cents a game. These funds go towards a bank that ultimately gets distributed to anyone who signs up for financial aid in paying off student loans. It’s a win-win situation for kids on the Easy-Mac diet trying to figure out how to get rid of debt from the high costs of education while engaging in an extracurricular activity they can be completely on board with.

Educate Yourself With Serious Games

The gaming industry used to just attract stereotypical, male gamers ready to race cars or shoot bad guys on screen. Mobile gaming has expanded not only the user demographic of gaming, appealing to all walks of life, but has also led to the diversification in types of game. Serious games, applications that have the main purpose of educating a player on a specific topic, is a sector of the industry that has ever-growing potential and greatly beneficial to college students and post-college graduates trying to get ahead in the real world. Mobile games simulating career development such as medical practice and learning games helping students study and grasp complex concepts taught in the classroom prove to be a go-to tool for young adults.

Aside from being a truly welcomed form of distraction for those in academia, mobile gaming in college presents a chance for students to think outside the box and use gaming to advance their position in school and in life. The aforementioned ideas are just the start. As far as any student is concerned, the sky is the limit.

How do you use mobile gaming in your life?