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Your First College Party Experience, As Told By Sailor Moon GIFs

Growing up is full of trials and tribulations — sometimes people suck, sometimes you feel super self-conscious, sometimes you get drunk and make stupid, easily avoidable mistakes. But you know who’s always been there for you through all your ups and downs? No, not your mom. Stay with me here. You know who’s loved you unconditionally? Who’s put your friendship first before everything else? You know who’s fought evil by moonlight and won your love by daylight? Yes. That’s right. I’m talking about Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon was a normal kid like you, until she met a talking cat named Luna and found out she was the princess of the moon and an all-around pretty bad-ass chick. Even when she became our idol and saved the world like a hundred times over, she was still this awesomely awkward, quirky, real person who was nervous around her crushes and loved her friends (even though they didn’t always get along.) If anyone understands you, it’s her, especially now that you’re in college and your life is perpetually awkward. (Don’t lie. It’s college. Your life is awkward.) And nothing, and I mean nothing, is more awkward in college than the first time you go to a party. So I’m just going to let our favorite meatball head take it from here.

So your friend tells you about this party happening later and says you should totally come and bring your friends…

And you’re like, majorly excited.

And thus begins the process of getting ready…

The hardest part is deciding what to wear

Just be sure not to let the excitement cloud your judgement.

You soon realize that nothing in your closet looks good on you.

Note: everything actually looks great, you’re just over-thinking things.

You have a mini-mental breakdown on your bedroom floor.

It takes a little booze, but you finally #GetItTogether and get dressed.

If only getting ready were actually that easy…

You finish primping, and you hardly even recognize yourself.


You walk into the party with your friends and you’re like…

And you maybe (definitely) get a little bit too drunk.


Your favorite song comes on and you can’t help but be excited.

You dance the night away, pulling out all the stops with your signature moves…

…when suddenly, you trip and fall into the arms of a hot, mysterious stranger.

This raises the question: hot and mysterious? Or beer goggles?

Eh, who cares. Hot and mysterious it is!

You two totally make out.

And then the worst thing ever happens…

Mysterious Hot Stranger: BRB, bathroom break.
You: Okay! I’ll wait right here.
*mysterious hot stranger never returns*

…and now you’re lying on the cold hard ground

Trouble… Trouble… Trouble…

Speaking of trouble, too much jungle juice = you feel sick.

But your friends are just as drunk and they’re like…

“Nope. You’re on your own.”

So you solemnly walk home alone.

You’re sad, drunk, and exhausted, so naturally, you eat everything in your dorm.

Eventually you fall asleep, but morning comes all too soon.

And you realize you have like, actual stuff to do.

So you swear that you’re never going to do it again…

…or at least not until next weekend.


What was your first college party like?

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