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Before Thanksgiving break, you think that you’ll be energized and motivated to focus on all of your finals, essays, and projects. The few days off from school and gorging yourself with Thanksgiving food will definitely be the break you needed to finish the semester strong, right? HA. Nope. As soon as you return from Thanksgiving break, you’ll realize that you got played by a freaking turkey. Thanksgiving will be a sweet taste of what’s to come in a few more weeks. College winter break.

This is much better than the mere week or two break in high school. College winter breaks are at least a month, with some schools extending the lazy days of hot-cocoa, Netflix, and partying with your high-school friends for nearly six weeks. Thanksgiving break was a tease, and nobody likes a tease. So when you return from Thanksgiving break after gaining the Turkey Ten, here are the eight signs that you’re ready for college winter break already.

1. Everything on your to-do lists has become more of “suggestion” than actually a thing you do. 


Is it entirely necessary to do all of that reading? Laundry can wait, right? Congrats if you’re still making to-do lists at this point in the semester. That’s an accomplishment in itself.

2. You want to go out on Thursdays, but like, nobody else does.

That’s because everyone else is in the library studying. You, on the other hand, are ready to pretend it’s September again and celebrate Thirsty Thurs.

3. What is “dressing up” thing?

You may or may not have worn the same sweat-shirt for five days straight. Nobody has said anything, so you don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

4. Your Twitter game is on point. Or at least you think it is.


Since you’re procrastinating on all responsibility, you’ve tweeted approximately 3x more than average. Unfortunately, as your tweets go up, the next sign follows.

5. It takes you 2 hours to do what once took you 30 minutes.

As said before, this is likely due to the excessive usage of social media and Internet surfing. That’s only speculation, of course.

6. Grocery shopping and cooking was so 4 weeks ago.


If there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of free food events, then there is nothing wrong with eating pizza everyday. That’s just simple logic, guys.

7. You have caught up on all your TV series and started a new one.

Being a good student during midterms has caused you to fall behind. You are letting your favorite TV characters down. Catching up on your favorite series is a PRIORITY.

8. Skipping a lecture or two causes way less guilt than it did in September.

This…doesn’t hurt like it normally does.

If you’re having these or any other symptoms similar to these above, seek motivational quotes, study buddies, or sucking it up and getting your work done to help you avoid the disastrous effects of doing absolutely nothing productive the last month of the semester.

*Disclaimer: Surviving College does not take responsibility for your procrastination, laziness, plummeting GPA, and heartbreak from the realization that Thanksgiving break was a dirty, sleazy, lying tease. At least the turkey was good.

How ready are you for college winter break?