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Clarissa Davies is a fan of reality television, Kevin Spacey and sushi. You can find her handing over her lunch to feed the squirrels on campus. She is a Journalism and Media Communications major at Colorado State University. 

The following is a list of items that are a necessity for Colorado State University students to have with them when they are traversing campus, spending a day in the library, hanging out and enjoying our world-class people watching, or doing anything and everything else. Besides your phone, here’s a list of everything else you’ll need.

1. A bike lock – To lock up your noble metal steed.

bike gif

2. Nalgene water bottle – Colorado dry air will dry you out. What better way to carry your water than with this GMO-free bottle?

water gif

3. Spare $25 to pay off your parking fine – The parking enforcers are tough, and with CSU’s extensive parking lots and long rules, it’s likely you’ll get your fair share of parking violations before you graduate.


4. A snack for yourself and for the squirrels to add to their increasing obesity pandemic – NOTHING is cuter than an overweight and domesticated squirrel. If you want to keep these little friends on campus as long as possible, hand over your muffin.


5. Your RamCard – You can’t really do much without it, especially if you’re a freshman. But if you want to ride the bus, be swiped in to the dining halls, do your laundry in residence halls, get some food and coffee on campus, rent a book, rent a locker or get into the gym – you’ll need this the most to be a functioning member of CSU.


6. Money for your food fund – With options like Taco Bell and Subway on campus and possibly a Chick-fil-a in the works, as well as it being Girl Scout cookie season, I’d have that cash ready for when the hunger pangs hit you.


7. Chapstick – Colorado is notorious for its dry air … don’t be the person with the crusty, chapped lips.


8. iPod – Take a look around you – everyone listens to their iPod or music of some sort while walking to class.


9. Hand Sanitizer – College kids carry germs and it’s absolutely awful to be at college without your mother to nurse you back to life.

hand sanitizer

10. Kleenex – Even if you aren’t sick, a brisk walk will always result in a runny nose when you arrive to class.


11. Jacket – Colorado’s bipolar weather will have you needing one when mother nature decides to turn on you.


12. Coupon books, flyers, pens, etc. – You’ll collect these everyday on your walk to class. And you either stash them to never use them again or toss them.

no thank you

13. Laptop, homework or a book – Chances are you’ll find yourself with a few hours to spare between classes, and with CSU’s bountiful assortment of places to study in peace, you may feel productive getting that paper done before noon!


14. Portable mug for your drink of choice – It serves two purposes – a drink to keep you alert and a warm mug to thaw out your hands.


15. A lighter – You never know when you’ll need it or someone will ask if you have a lighter – be that person that is PREPARED!



All gifs courtesy of giphy. 

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