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If you’re like me, you started your college career at a community college.  There are pros and cons to it.  I worked full time while I attended community college so I was making more than most college students.  It was great because I went on vacation pretty often, visiting my friends at their colleges in Michigan and Virginia and going to California for a week with my friends.  I ultimately, like everyone else after they finish community college, had to pick another school to complete my degree at.  I picked one about 2 hours away from my home.  And let me tell you, going to a four year school from high school is a completely different experience than transferring from a community college.  Here are things you learn as a transfer student living on campus.

1.  Pretty much everyone is broke.

It is very rare that you will find someone that lives on campus with a full time job.  Applebee’s half off apps will become your best friend and will become a night out, especially if you and your friends are short on cash.


2.  The dining hall ain’t your mom’s cooking.

I eat like I will never eat again when I go home for the weekend.  I just never take home cooked meals for granted anymore.  You just don’t eat regular meals in the dining hall.  You kind of just pile a bunch of stuff that you like together and just eat it.  I’m extremely picky so I struggle REAL BAD in the dining hall.  The other day I cut up a hamburger and put it on white rice and sprinkled some shredded cheddar cheese on it. You just have to get creative sometimes, the food is gross.


3.  You can’t do laundry whenever you want.

At home, your mom either does your laundry for you or you do it yourself (you should be doing it yourself by now, come on. Give your mom a break.)  It’s pretty much a war zone.  Luckily I don’t have to pay to do my laundry but I have friends that have to, which is pretty awful.  Besides that, a lot of times every washer and dryer are being used.  Also, if people are waiting for your machine and you’re not there right when it finishes, you could become a victim of someone grabbing your clothes and putting them on the table for everyone to see.  Panties, bras, drawers, and all I’ve seen in my resident hall’s laundry room.


4.  You go to parties more often.

Living on campus gives you an advantage to hearing about parties.  Let’s be honest, there aren’t any parties when you attend community college.  You either go to a local four year school’s parties, your friends who don’t go away to school have parties, or you’re 21 and don’t have to worry because you can just go to the bar or a club.


5.  You share a room.

Most likely at this point in your life you have only shared a room with your siblings.  It’s a completely different ball game at school.  You share a room WITH A STRANGER.  It takes some adjusting because you may have different sleep schedules, cleaning habits, or views on what’s right or wrong.  It can be rough, but it’s an experience you definitely learn a lot from.  If you can pay for a single, well lucky you, for the rest of us that can’t and you are struggling, hang in there!


6.  You learn a lot about other people and you become friends with people you can’t imagine living without.

At community college you are in a safe little bubble.  You more or less know almost everybody you’re in class with because you all went to high school together.  When you transfer and go to another school with people you haven’t known your whole life, you get a sense of freedom almost.  You can reinvent yourself, it’s great.  You become friends with people you never knew you needed in your life.  What you have with your friends is irreplaceable, but same with relationships you build living on campus.


7.  You don’t have to worry about parking!

This is one of the best things.  Having to search for parking at my community college was rough, but now I can roll out of bed and walk to class.  It’s amazing.  I save gas AND I get to sleep longer.  Not having to fill up my tank every week brings me such joy.  So does being able to sleep longer.


8.  You save a ton of money.

I don’t even want to think about how much people spend on attending a four year school for all four years of college.  I’m sure it’s pretty ugly number.  Us community college kids will owe half of whatever the big ugly scary number is.  Although we missed on what it was like to be a fresh out of high school attending a four year school, our future selves will be grateful.




Did you attend community college?

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