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Spoiler Alert! We’ll be recapping every week’s episode of this season of Community, so stay tuned!

It’s Christmas! And Jeff Winger is hosting a party! Annie brings a gift even though they agreed “no gifts,” and so did Shirley, Troy, Britta, Chang, Abed…everyone except for Jeff. And Chevy Chase, who is not at the party because he had to attend sensitivity training.

Annie gives the group good news, and bad news. The bad news is, they failed their collective history paper, which Jeff needed to pass to graduate early. The good news is that Annie invited the professor to the party so they’ll have a chance to show him a good time. But, Jeff puts the kibosh on costumes and funny voices.

When the Professor arrives, he is already off to a crabby start. Then, Jeff tells Britta that he left his section out of the history paper because he was counting on everyone else doing a good job. So, it’s Jeff’s own fault that he’s failing. In an effort to get the Professor alone, Jeff distracts Chang with “poppy poppy paper.” But the Professor lets Jeff know that his sucking up won’t work, and lowers their C minus to an F, or F minus. To Annie, a C minus is the same as an F, so she told everyone that they were failing. Which they now are, so I guess she was right all along?

The group retires to the bedroom to come up with a harebrained scheme. In the meantime, Chang ties the Professor to a chair and offers to kill him if he won’t change the grade. The Professor says that the first person who unties him gets an A, but everyone else fails.

Although Winger encourages everyone to stick together, but the Professor is convinced that one of them will betray the group. He looks for “romantic entanglements” and notes that the “damaged blonde” is dating “the childish black one.” Britta volunteers that she used to date Winger, and Troy’s jealousy bubbles to the surface. The Professor’s plan is working….Next, he turns Shirley and Annie against each other by suggesting that Shirley could be Valedictorian. Finally, he gets Jeff to admit that he is the one who dropped the ball on the history paper.

Saved by the bell! Dean Pelton stops by and is angry that he wasn’t invited to the party. The distraction gives someone enough time to untied the Professor. But who? Winger doesn’t want to find out because the group functions on the strength of knowing that the six of them are being punished for something that one of them screwed up. To stop the Professor from betraying the betrayer, Jeff ties the Professor to the chair again.

Unwrapping presents reveals that he was never really tied up because Chang has no idea how to tie knots. He pretended to be tied up because he is a lonely old man. As a Christmas gift, he gives them a C plus. Chang takes a phone call from his…person? Leader? And explains that the group has not yet been expelled.  Then, Dean Pelton gives everyone the greatest gift of all—kittens!

What did you think of last night’s episode of Community?

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