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Being able to get an internship is a big step for many college students or those trying to get a taste of their desired industry.  It also has become a touchy subject in relation to how much the interns get paid if they get paid anything. Conde Nast, a major New York based magazine publisher, is no stranger to these issues. In last few years the company has been facing lawsuits from former interns due to their lack of payment.  Starting in 2014, this isn’t going to be an issue anymore for the publishing giant.

Conde Nast Magazines(image via)

Conde Nast owns 25 of the largest magazine publications including, Vogue, GQ, and Vanity Fair.  The company announced on October 23, 2013 via a spokesperson, that they will no longer be holding an internship program. They have not stated if it has anything to do with the pending lawsuits, but it seems to be pretty obvious.

Many feel that this was a terrible decision for both the Conde Nast itself and students who were looking to be part of their future internship opportunities. In an interview with soon to be editor-in chief at Fashionista and past intern at Vogue magazine, Lauren Indvik said that she feels that removing the internship program is nothing but harmful to college students. She states that the hard work and lack of income is completely worth it, and also says that it is, “so valuable.”

Conde Nast isn’t the first company to get sued over their internship program.  In the past few years the website Gawker, Fox Searchlight after its production of Black Swan, were sued for the same reasons.

With Conde Nast closing down its internship program, a lot of questions are being raised. Should interns be paid for their work? Many arguments are being thrown back and forth with those saying there should be no free labor, and others who feel that an internship regardless of payment is the best way to get your foot in the door of a competitive market.

What do you think about Conde Nast ending their internship program?

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