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Summer flings are ridiculously cute. They bring the image of a bright, warm summer next to a beach. But me being me, there are some things that I just don’t get about summer flings. I just don’t understand it. Maybe I’m being cliché (entirely possible!). Call me out on it in the comments if I am.

Side note: Confused Cat is your favorite ever-changing meme. Admit it.

Skype until 4 am, repeatedly.

We’re college students. We spend two-thirds of the year complaining about how we don’t get enough sleep. Then, during the summer, a lot of us are working, volunteering, or taking a few summer classes (not a full course load). So that means that summertime is a time when we can finally sleep well. So what do we do? We stay up until 4 am, night after night, until we literally cannot stay awake any longer. Why? Why?! I mean it’s cute at first, but it eventually gets creepy and unhealthy.

Confused Cat Meme

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Never talking to a person ever again, for no particular reason.

Some people choose to develop a relationship out of their summer fling, which is great, but others break it off and just never speak to each other again. I do not comprehend. It’s not like one person did something really bad to the other, it’s just that distance or timing got in the way. This doesn’t sit well with me as a reason to cut somebody out of your life entirely. Besides, you must think that your summer fling is attractive and awesome to some extent, right?

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Facebook stalking after the fact.

Okay, so you broke it off with your summer fling and now you’re stalking him/her on Facebook. Standard. What I find odd though, is that people will stalk their ex-summer-flings on Facebook and click through the photos, commenting on how ugly/annoying the girls/guys are in their ex-summer-fling’s photos. (Sometimes people complain out loud to their friends, others comment on the actual photo for everyone to see.) Don’t lie guys, I know you do it too. What I don’t understand is why this happens at all…please refer to confusion number two.

Confused Cat Meme

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Do you understand summer flings? Somebody please explain this to me!


Image courtesy of Weed Whacker via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).