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You may have noticed that we’ve been updating a lot more at CampusRiot lately! It’s because we want you to keep coming back. We feel lonely over here when people are only stopping by once a day :(. So look forward to your daily dose of current events — that way, you can sound knowledgeable when you meet up with your friends for dinner!


Evil Geniuses: Employees at the most corrupt Apple Store in America confess unethical activities they’ve committed, such as:

  • Trading computers for plastic surgery
  • Stealing bonuses
  • Stealing (and destroying) unlimited iPhones
  • Trading computers for cheap booze


¬†The “Legitimate Rape”¬†Debacle: Todd Akin thinks America is mad at him because he used the word “legitimate” instead of “forcible” in explaining why women shouldn’t ever get pregnant if it really was rape.

Oh, wait. He meant that he was talking about “false rapes.

Politicians are crazyyyy.


Electric City: Did you know that Tom Hanks made a cartoon web series? Neither did I.

Also, it’s really dark…


‘Water’ You Drinking?: Excuse the pun (I blame Huffington Post), but really, did you know your body uses 2 to 3 quarts of water a day to maintain basic functions?

Why Do We Need To Drink Water

That’s a heck of a lot of water. But Huffington Post outlines some really easy ways to incorporate water into a regular diet.

I’m looking at you, friends who don’t eat or drink anything until like 8pm. Stop that.

Any current events you think your college peers should know about?


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