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Online dating recently took a step forward when Tinder was created. Tinder is an app available for iPhone and Android that makes dating easier than any online service. After downloading the app, you log in with your Facebook information to create a profile. The app never posts to Facebook, so no one has no know you’re using the app. The app works simply – you look through short profiles that have a few pictures and a bio. You swipe right if you find them attractive, and left if you’d rather pass. To put it bluntly, it’s the smash or pass app of the new age. If it’s a match, Tinder creates a chat between you and that person.  So, what can happen while using an app to find someone to go out with? From the first message to meeting up and beyond, here’s a breakdown of what can happen:

Stage 1: You Get a Match

Zack and pug(gif via Tumblr)

It’s a bit of an ego boost that someone found you attractive, especially someone you also found attractive. WIN.

Stage 2: Messaging on the App

Sending or receiving the first message can be daunting. If you want to message the person back, then message them! The great thing about Tinder is, you can take a bit of risk here. You can be yourself (which you should always be, don’t be a tool), because who cares if some stranger from an app doesn’t want to get to know you? You’re both there because you found each other attractive, and it might be love at first swipe. Be warned now: since people’s inhibitions are at an all time low, you might get some uncomfortable messages. The possibilities of the messages you receive are endless, in both good and bad ways.

Hocus Pocus - This Is Terribly Uncomfortable(gif via Giphy)

If that’s the case, then… NEXT.

Stage 3: Talking Outside of the App

CT(gif via Tumblr)

Talking outside the app could mean Facebook, texting, kik, or whatever you kids are using nowadays. This is a pretty big step in the Tinder process – you’re going from an app that you can easily block someone on, to something more personal. After talking for awhile, if things are going well, you might start…

Stage 4: Exploring the Idea of Meeting Up

Talking about meeting up can be a bit scary. You have no idea what the person’s going to say at the idea, or if they even want to take it to this next step. If the person you’re talking to is the one who brings it up, remember to only do it if you’re comfortable. If you immediately think it’s a bad idea, then you probably should pass. The idea of meeting up should come after talking after awhile, and remember: comfort is key!

54(gif via Sheldons Fans)

Stage 5: The Meet Up

Finding Nemo(gif via Tumblr)

The meet up is the most nerve-wracking part of the entire experience. You should meet somewhere very public, because you still have no idea who this person is. Remember that meeting up is awkward for both of you. There’s a bit of apprehension on both sides. The meet up can either prove that you guys should keep talking, or can show that the chemistry is tech-only.

Step 6: What Happens After

I have met up with two people from Tinder. The first was a nice guy who I spent a few weeks talking to when we decided to grab a beer at a local bar. Things went well, but afterwards, I knew there was no chemistry. For a week after that, he continued to text me and send me selfies at 3 AM. After this experience, I thought:

Die alone(gif via Tumblr)

At this point, I decided to give Tinder one last chance. I matched up with a very cool guy who I talked to for about a month. We decided to meet up. After the first time meeting up, we continued to chat and are still going out together. This guy is one of the coolest guys I’ve met in awhile, and though neither of us know where it’s going, it’s a comforting thought knowing that you can meet a normal, hot (can I say hot? because he is quite a hottie), person on Tinder who is possibly turning into something more serious than a few meet ups. When he texts me, it’s actually kind of like:

Katy Perry(photo via Tumblr )

…but don’t tell him I told you guys that.

Whatever you decide to do on Tinder, always be careful. You learn this throughout life, but especially in college: there are some seriously weird people out there. Be careful, have fun, and give technological romance a chance.

Have you ever used Tinder?

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