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We all know that dorm rooms are the most boring, uninspiring places in the world. Here’s an awesome roundup of 8 places to shop online for cheap, quality decorations to spice up your room!

1. All Posters

allposters decorate your down

I’ve been going to All Posters for years now, and every time I go I always want more than I can even fit on my walls! They offer everything from fine art prints, framed work, to funny posters about beer. No matter what your style, you’ll find something here for you. Make sure to look out for their sales, they’re awesome!

[left: Andy Warhol, middle: Monet, right: Three Black Cats]

2. 5 Below

5below decorate your dorm

Keep me away from 5Below because I want to buy everything. Their target audience ranges from little kids to college kids (let’s be honest, what’s the difference?) with their awesomely priced merchandise. You’ll find super useful and practical things here, as well as some stylish decor! The reason behind the name is that everything in the store is priced under $5. I know, I’m freaking out too.

[top left: binders, top right: door hanger, bottom left: trashcans, bottom right: stackers]

3. Ikea

ikea decorate your dorm

Ikea is like a dependable distant relative that always seems to have exactly what you need. But they’re a little weird and everything’s in Swedish. Regardless, I love their low prices and high quality! I would’ve included pictures of their amazing build-it-yourself furniture, but we all know that most dorms already come furnished with awful fire-proof stuff. Bummer for you.

[left: mirror, right: lamp, middle: underbed storage]

4. Etsy

etsy decorate your dorm

Etsy is the vintage handmade mecca of the internet. I like to describe it as Uncommon Goods meets Amazon. If you’re a boho hipster then man, is this the website for you! Although things can get a little pricey on this website, it’s easy to find awesome stuff that you won’t find anywhere else for a bargain!

[left: necklace holder, right: wine rack, middle: monogrammed pillow]

5. Wal-Mart

walmart decorate your dorm

As much as I love to hate Wal-Mart, they have some pretty good stuff. Just make sure to go really early before everything is sold out and before the peak hours for weirdo Wal-Mart customers–*shiver*. A quick trip will save you big bucks and help you make your dorm look totally chic.

[top left: lamp, right: curtains, bottom left: bedskirt]

6. StoreNVY

storenvy decorate your dorm

Your friends will envy your cool room if you get everything from StoreNVY. They host a ton of really cool items in an Etsy-like format. They have more decorative items than practical ones, but hey, it’s the small things that really matter, right?

[left: keyboard cover, middle: flower pots, right: LED light]


wholesale mart decorate your dorm

I wasn’t really sure about Wholesale Mart when I first stumbled across it, but I’ve grown to love it. They have a lot of really practical but unique items for both practical and decorative purposes. Some of the stuff is older, but looking around for a few minutes on this site is definitely worth it!

[left: clock, middle: baskets, right: masks]

8. Spencer’s

spencers decorate your dorm

Oh, Spencer’s, you’re so bad but I love you anyway. Stuff from Spencer’s will make your dorm look like a true college student’s place. Their products are on the-ehem-inappropriate side, but their decorate is pretty unique and cheap. I won’t tell anyone where you got it from. (PS- they do have an online store.)

[ left: blacklight stars, middle: Marilyn Monroe poster, right: lavalamp]

So whip out that credit card and start shopping (it’s only June, but summer goes fast!) I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for, and luckily you won’t have to pay a fortune for it on these sites! You’ll be the party capital of your school in the best designed dorm room! Who knows, maybe they’ll give you an interior design degree for free–you earned it.

What’s your favorite cheap way to decorate your dorm?