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Diet soda, wow what a wonderful thing we all have the pleasure of drinking.  How lucky we are that we get to drink soda and not worry about the carbs and sugar in it!  Could life get any better? Probably not!

I know people are going to say, “No, diet soda’s awful for you!” I don’t care, let me live my life please! Take your regular soda and be gone, thanks.

Anyway, although diet soda is lovely, there are some out there that just don’t quite make the cut and really shouldn’t exist! I love diet soda, you could probably call me a diet soda connoisseur, so my opinions about each diet soda brand listed is pretty reliable.

5. Diet Mountain Dew


People either are madly in love and crazy obsessed with Mountain Dew or they don’t drink it. There’s no happy medium.

I am on #TeamNoMountainDew, oh you didn’t know there was a team? I just started it. I’m the founder and captain. Anyway, yeah, gross.

I don’t remember the last time I drank Diet Mountain Dew or regular Mountain Dew. With all the great diet sodas in the world, I prefer not to waste my life and money on this one.

4. Sprite Zero


I like Sprite.  It’s one of the basics at parties.  People always have regular coke and regular sprite. If they don’t have any diet, I pick Sprite. Sprite Zero does not taste like regular Sprite, which is disappointing, but not the end of the world.  It tastes weird.  I don’t know, not a fan.

3. Diet Dr. Pepper


I like Diet Dr. Pepper when I am trying to spice up my life.  It’s good, but not my favorite.  Let’s put it this way: it’s not my go-to, but if the store doesn’t have my go-to or my runner up, I’ll get Diet Dr. Pepper.

2. Coke Zero


Great taste, nice and crisp. Doesn’t get much better than Coke Zero; but surprisingly there is one that is better.

1. Diet Coke


The Holy Grail of diet soda. You can’t get any better than Diet Coke, it’s a classic. No diet soda in our lifetime will ever be greater than Diet Coke.

When I ask for Diet Coke at restaurants and they ask if Diet Pepsi is okay, it’s an insult! It’s basically like me giving you imitation crab meat when you asked for lobster. So yeah, I’ll take some, but I’m still mad you don’t have Diet Coke. Diet Coke is the best, they win.

What’s Your Favorite Diet Soda?