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Now that mostly every college student is all moved into their new dorm and getting back into the grind of dorm life, let’s stress something right now before you decide to wait the entire semester before cleaning your room. Clorox created this little infographic exposing the dirt on college dorm life (literally).

We all know by now that shower sandals are imperative to college dorm life, but what about your dorm room? And is your roommate intolerably messy? Especially if your immune system is weaker than others, you have to be a little more cautious about your cleanliness. Here are some facts to keep in mind:

  • Plan to share clothes with your roomie? 55% of college students wear an item of clothing 2x before washing it.
  • Reconsider cuddling up with your chem lab partner – 60% of college freshman test positive for the virus that causes Mono.
  • Co-ed dorms?¬†Women are more likely than men to wash their underwear after wearing them one time.

the dirt on college dorm life

Infographic via Clorox.

And this infographic doesn’t even cover the “lucky” ones who get their own bathroom. Coming from someone who has seen the worst of private bathrooms, I really, really encourage you to make sure you keep your stuff clean. Here’s a video showing you how to clean your bathtub if you haven’t figured it out already:

How to Clean a Bathtub

Did we gross you out about college dorm life already? Sorry about that…