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Besides all the princess stuff, there was a lot more that we wished we could do after watching Disney. And don’t lie, you know you tried this stuff too. (Cue the cute little animals waking you up in the morning and helping you with your chores). Whether it was when we were five years old, or after Frozen came out, Disney keeps our imaginations alive and attempting some impossible feats (do not adopt a tiger as a pet, I don’t know how Jasmine does it, but you can’t be best friends with it).

The classic spaghetti trick

lady and tramp disney spaghetti

Speaking French (or at least getting this song stuck in your head for the rest of forever)

beauty disney bonjour

Making our clothes change from rags to riches (at midnight!)

cinderella disney change

Being really cute while sneezing

dumbo disney sneeze

Gathering a bunch of balloons together and attempting to float into the air (it has been done)

up disney ballons

Making our messy hair look this good–tame the flyaways!

little mermaid disney messy hair

Or being able to do this hair flip in the pool (and proceed to fail every time)

little mermaid hair flip disney

Making a snowman that will come alive and be exactly like Olaf.

frozen disney olaf

Painting with all the colors of the wind.

pocahontas disney leaves

Attempting to fly by making wings.

bugs life disney-fly

Attempting to fly by thinking happy thoughts!

peter pan disney flying

Trying to slide down the bookshelves on one of these

beauty disney books

Beckoning the animals/being best friends with wild animals

aladdin disney tiger

“Oh, they just tell me everything that’s going on around the neighborhood”

sleeping beauty disney animals

“They appear when I sing”

snow white disney animals

“I’ve never had to make the bed again!”

cinderella disney animals

What are you favorite Disney moments?

feature photo via Getty/Pascal Le Segretain