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What better way is there to destroy your last remnants of innocence than starting a Disney movie drinking game? If you are at all familiar with the company, you know that they have A LOT of  recurring themes in their animated classics. All you have to do is take the basic hero-vs-villain plot, sprinkle in some pixie dust with a hint of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and you’ve got yourself a Disney flick. With that said, here are the basic rules of re-visiting your favorite child films (in the most delightful way).

Set-up: The Disney drinking game can be played with 2+ players. You will need your favorite liquor (and lots of it, as you will soon see), a shot glass for each contestant, a DVD player, and an animated Disney film of your choice.

Game Play:

Take a sip…

  • For every talking rodent in the film.
  • For every song you know all the words to.
  • Every time magic is referenced.
  • For every castle in the movie.
  • If you see the words “Once upon a time” on screen.
  • If you see the words “The End” on the screen.
  • Every time a character boards a ship.
  • If there is a trio of side characters that are always together.
  • For every celebrity voice cameo.

Take a shot…

  • If the villain has a British accent.
  • Every time the annoying sidekick appears on screen.
  • Whenever there is a made-up word (followed by a song explaining it).
  • When there’s a spell.
  • When a kiss breaks the spell.
  • If there is a narrator for the first 5 minutes, and is never heard from again.
  • For every Easter Egg you find.
  • For every “thrown in last minute to sell more merchandise” character you see.
  • For every visit to/mention of a scary forest.


  • When a parent of the protagonist dies.
  • If the protagonist is kept in isolation against his/her will.
  • For every montage representing the protagonist’s growth.
  • If a gruesome death of the villain is implied.

Object of the game: The person acting most like Goofy by the end of the night wins. Good luck!

Will you play the Disney movie drinking game?