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We are totally on party mode over here, and that means we have New Year’s Eve on our minds. Whether you’re staying in the with your parents, or throwing an awesome party, you’re going to need party hats. And we’re not talking juvenile party hats that you wear to kids’  birthday parties, we’re talking chic and cute ones that EVERYONE will want.

In the video above you will learn how to DIY party hats that are inexpensive and super festive. All you need is some scrapbook paper, embellishments, hot glue and a headband. These hats are so easy to make, you can give one to each of your friends or family members.

The ones above are going with a gold theme, but you can totally change the colors up and have one or two go perfect with your New Year’s Eve outfit.

So be sure to watch the video above, and get ready to be festive. This is the perfect craft to try over holiday break!

Will you give these DIY party hats a try this New Year’s Eve?