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You’re at a party when suddenly you feel the slight chill of someone else’s spilled drink dripping down your favorite shirt. Maybe you’re at an end-of-the-year picnic and the freshly-mowed lawn found its way onto your favorite pair of jeans, permanently. Or, maybe you ordered Italian food and spilled spaghetti right in your lap. In any case, your clothes are ruined. If the prospect of throwing out your favorite sweater or ditching your best dress makes you uneasy, there might still be hope! We know as college students you may not be the superhero your mother is when it comes to doing laundry, but it’s actually pretty easy to undo even the worst stains as long as they’re not set-in. Check out this infographic from Wonder How To¬†and become a stain removal master!

DIY Stain Removal Guide

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Featured photo credit: beana_cheese via photopin cc