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Summer internships and jobs are drawing to a close in just a couple weeks. Your brain is elsewhere back at school or figuring out what you will do with your one week of vacation before school starts back up. You may think you’re off the hook, but there are a few things you should do before you leave!

Don’t forget to:

  • Get contacts:

These people that you have been working for for the past two months most likely have connections to other potential jobs you may be interested in, or can write you a great recommendation! Grab some business cards.

  • Say thanks:

Whether you do it in person or write thank you cards, it is extremely important that you don’t leave without saying thank you. These people have taught you, answered your questions, and given you a lot of opportunities so show them you appreciate it.

  • Seek advice:

Get help improving your resume, ask questions about future jobs and opportunities, and take advantage of the resources your office has to offer.

  • Reach out:

Talk to senior people that you never had a chance to meet, get to know different positions, and show interest in the company

  • Stay in touch:

Keep in contact with the people you work for because those networks will come in handy

  • Leave a good impression:

Your last impression is just as important as your first. Leave a great impression when you leave the internship because that is what they will remember. Don’t act relieved to be done, but enthusiastic and thankful about what you were able to do, and gracious that you had the opportunity.

You always think of the beginning, but sometimes its hard to remember that the end is just as important. Leave an impact on your last day, don’t just escape. Happy End of Internship!

What will you do to leave a good impression?

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