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Netflix is great. Why? Let us tell you:

1. $8 a month to stream on all different types of devices. For everything that you get out of it $96 a year doesn’t seem sooo bad.

2. Watch TV shows that everyone is always talking about–from start to finish. Friday Night Lights, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, to name a few. If you have internet in your dorm or you go to a cafe, you have tons of hours of TV at your fingertips.

3.Tons of cool documentaries. You will get hooked: Blackfish, Food, Inc, and so any more! You will become knowledgeable on a strange range of subjects…and you will love it. Netflix has a huge collection of documentaries and once you start, you can’t stop. And since they’re ‘educational’ you don’t feel as guilty watching.

4. Procrastination!!! Looking for any reason not do your work? Or a quick break from your studying? Throw on a 20 minute episode of Parks & Rec!

5. Watch movies you never got around to seeing in the theater or on demand. Watch oldies as well as new releases. Missing Disney? Get your fix!

6. It’s organized and tailored for your own interests and entertainment. As you choose and watch different shows and movies, it will create a list depending on similar picks. You can also create a queue that is saved and available at all times so if there are a bunch of things you want to watch, they will all be waiting for you!

7. A great alternative to cable and without commercials! There are no commercials on Netflix which is pretty nifty and most college dorm rooms don’t have cable so its a cheap and easy alternative.

So, if you are in the market for somewhere to watch tv and you have a little extra money to spend, Netflix is a great choice.

Have we convinced you?

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