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Ah, picture yourself, nestled into your new dorm room, Netflix on the computer and your whole space clean and tidy. That’s actually really hard to picture isn’t it? Yeah, usually, once you move into your dorm room, it stays neat for about a second and then you can’t find your Justin’s almond butter and your clothes are piled in a corner, not hanging nicely in the closet.

But BuzzFeed Blue has prepared a video with a list of awesome dorm room hacks that will help you stay organized, get to class on time and even keep your day-old pizza tasting yummy. Out of all of these hacks, our all time favorite from this video is the one that stops your roommate from stealing your pens. HA!

Sure, that sounds a little petty, but trust us, when you’re running late for class and you go to grab a pen from your desk and there isn’t one? Yeah, you’ll be cursing your roommate for eternity. But with this clever little hack you can keep the peace… and your Paper Mates.

Watch the video below, and be sure to let us know some of your favorite dorm room hacks.

Do you know of any awesome dorm room hacks?