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You step onto campus for the first time in months and breathe in that O-Week smell (read: beer). You missed this place. You missed student life. Tight schedules with Fridays off as often as possible, having your friends within arms’ reach at all times, and living with your roommate. So you’re back now. You tell yourself that this year will be different. This year, you will switch your major and take courses that you’re actually interested in. Your real career will grow from this moment. This is the year you start chasing your dreams.

But dreams are expensive (financially)

So you don’t switch your major. You convince yourself that you’ve come this far for a reason and that you’ll find some way to make your current program work for you. You are going to find a way to merge your major with your dreams and you will be one of those entrepreneurs who finds needs where nobody knows they have a need yet. You will make a job for yourself if you have to. Maybe you’ll end up liking it, right? Just stay on this path. This is your new dream.

But dreams are expensive (emotionally)

Fast forward a couple of years to your graduation ceremony. You have decided that it would be better to spend emotionally than to spend financially, and you never switched your major. You have been let out into this world to try to make your dream happen and something just isn’t right. You don’t have that fire in your heart – the one that you get when you’re passionate about something. You think that fire should be there because you’re (sort of) chasing your original dream, but it isn’t. So now you’re lost in your heart. At least you’re employed?

So dreams are expensive (financially). Oh well.

Back to school then, or maybe just out in the world, to chase your original dream. Your real dream. Either way, at least you have that fire in your heart. You’re addicted to that fire in your heart and now that it’s back, you refuse to let it go. Good. Hang onto it. It’s the only fire you will ever want to hold.

At least dreams aren’t expensive (emotionally) anymore.

Money doesn’t make you happy. Money relieves some sadness, but once you’re fed, clothed, and sheltered, money will rarely make you happy. Nothing inherently comes of having larger numbers in your bank account. What matters is how you spend it. So spend it on your dreams. Whether that’s now or later, it doesn’t matter. Just spend it on your dreams.

Because dreams are (always) expensive.

Are you working toward your dream?

Featured Image courtesy of Roman Iakoubtchik via Flickr (CC-BY-SA-2.0).