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Drinking Games: How to Play Thumper

Ah! Thumper is my favorite drinking game because it is all-inclusive. I have memories with my extremely competitive friends always dominating the ruit table and never giving anyone a turn. This is not one of those games. Thumper is a bit confusing, and very similar to “silent football,” which all my guy friends would play in high school during our free periods. Read below to learn how to play Thumper.

What You’ll Need

  1. At least 4 people (the more the merrier for this game)
  2. Glasses of beer/liquor

How to Play Thumper

1. First, everyone has to create a hand gesture they want to have represented him/her during the game. Everyone’s “sign” has to be different. For example, I always make sunglasses with my hands.

2. Everyone goes around and presents their “sign” once (e.g. Bunny ears, peace sign, etc.)

3. Everyone sits in a circle and starts “drumming” their hands on the table or floor (its best played around a table, but you can play this game sitting on the floor as well). One of the people (let’s call him Bob) playing starts a pregame chant to get everyone pumped up. It should be as follows:

How to Play Thumper

Bob: “What’s the name of the game?!”
Everyone: “Thumper!”
Bob: “Why do we play?!”
Everyone: “To get Fu***d up!!!” (sorry for the vulgarity, it’s part of the pregame chant…but embrace it!).

3. Bob should do his gesture first (bunny ears), then does any other person’s gesture (let’s say peace sign).

4. Then its peace sign’s turn to go. So peace sign does his sign and then another sign to dictate who to go next.

5. When a cue is missed (the person didn’t notice their sign was flashed) or someone hesitates too long, the violator must drink… then he/she is leader next round (start from number 1).

If this game seems like a long and complicated SAT question, watch the video to learn how to play. It’s a very fun, energetic game and everyone is involved.

Variations of Thumper

Want to make the drinking game more complicated? When you decide your “sign” or “calling card,” add a noise to it. If you want a peace sign to be your calling card to be a peace sign, add the “meow” noise to add some fun to the game. Note: this is a very difficult addition if you’re at a noisy bar, but it makes it all the more fun!

Any other tips on how to play Thumper? Comment below!


Image courtesy of Ben Sutherland via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).

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